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Lnk3r (Pronounced  / liNGkər / ) was developed since there was a need for business owner to get their customers to give them a review. Do not miss out on new business opportunities, get Lnk3r increase your online ratings today!

Need more reviews?
Are you waiting for your happy customers to give you a review?

Unfortunately most business are more likely to get reviews from unsatisfied customers. If you are a small business, this could devastate your business potentially cutting off a large segment of your new business opportunities. Don’t let this happen to you!

Why Lnk3r?

The leading social media review generator for businesses. If you you are not using Lnk3r then you are missing out on a key to new customers. How many products have you passed over because of a bad review or rating? Same thing happens to services as well.   Lnk3r was developed to create a clear connection for your customers to review your business making it as easy as possible. 


Lnk3r was designed with your customer’s ease of use in mind with implistic design so that it keeps all users engaged and filling out reviews as quick as possible.


Reviews are key, your business lives or dies with out them.


Reviews have huge impact on your positioning and where you are found, from SEO positioning, to users going to your site.

Social Media

Users can share Lnk3r reviews on social media to increase your digital footprint.

Help & Support

Help is available 9:00am-5:00pm EST daily and monitored on off hours so you receive a response as soon as possible.

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Bob Johnson